At Viewbank Primary School, we are proud to offer our Year 2 - 6 students a comprehensive Science Program. During semester 1, Year 4, 5 and 6 students take part in a fortnightly, 90 minute Science session, held in our newly equipped Science Room. Semester 2 provides the same opportunities for our Year 2 and 3 students. In addition to these Science sessions, all students from Foundation to Year 6 explore science topics with their classroom teachers through their Integrated Units.

In the Science Room, the students experience Science through demonstrations, hands on activities and experiments exploring topics such as Mixtures, Changes of State (Solids, Liquids and Gases), Chemical/Physical and Irreversible/Reversible changes, Heat, Forces, Light, Materials, Electricity, Biology – Life Cycles, Adaptations, Growth and Survival of Living Things.

The focus areas include Chemical, Physical, Biological and Earth and Space Sciences, with the students not only learning Science based content, but also Scientific Thinking and Inquiry skills such as; making predictions, observing, questioning, measuring, classifying, reasoning, noticing details and changes, making comparisons, developing explanations, making connections between prior knowledge and experiences - expanding their ideas and understandings, creating ‘fair test’ experiments, recording data, working effectively in groups/teams and reflecting on their learning and how they can improve.

The students also develop their understanding of Science as a Human Endeavour — how human understandings have changed over time and the impact Science has had on human life throughout history, in the present and into the future.