MUSIC & Performing Arts

What do we do in class?

  • Discover how music works and how it makes us feel.
  • Listen to and think about different kinds of music.
  • Learn about elements of music like beat, rhythm, tone and melody.
  • Explore ways of experiencing music through different instruments, voice and drama.
  • Experience the craft of performance and stage environments.
  • Show our learning and performance skills to a range of audiences.
  • Use our skills and learning in performance to enrich our other school work.

What are the classes like?

  • 90 minutes every two weeks gives us time to get involved.
  • Our purpose built music room has the space and scope for group and individual learning and performances.
  • Class sets of keyboards and ukuleles ensure everyone can play at the same time.
  • Tuned percussion instruments like marimbas, xylophones, and glockenspiels help with learning to read music.
  • Untuned percussion instruments like drums, maracas, tambourines, rhythm sticks (claves) add colour and effects to sound scapes.
  • Classes engage students with a variety of activities including singing, listening to music from different cultures and times, movement and dance, music theory and book tasks, playing instruments and improvising, creating and acting out stories, and using puppets and props.

What performance opportunities are there?

  • An original school production every second year showcasing themes from the broader school curriculum. We involve all students in preparation, costuming, set design, content development, vocal recording, and multiple public performances of this major school event. Recent presentations have been Spirit of Australia, Where in the World is Eddy the Teddy?Science is Awesome and most recently, Paperback to the Future.
  • Alternate years offer weekly dance lessons culminating in an end of term theme dance held over two nights at La Trobe University.
  • Choir meets weekly before school for students from Level 3 upwards and performs regularly at school and community events.
  • Further opportunities for dance performances include the annual State School Spectacular.
  • Community involvement in the arts through the Banyule ‘Arty Farty’ Arts Festival and parade.
  • The school’s instrumental program offers specialist music tutors in the following: keyboard, strings, guitar, woodwind, brass, drums and voice.
  • Ensembles such as the school band, string orchestra and singing groups perform regularly throughout the year.


Viewbank Primary School offers tuition in a wide variety of musical instruments. Tuition is offered in Woodwind, Brass and Drum Kit for students in Grades 3-6 and in Strings for Grades Prep-6. Singing, Keyboard and Guitar or Ukulele lessons are also available at school, with enrolment and fee arrangements being made through those teachers directly.

For further information please complete our Expression of Interest form.

Some of Viewbank's instrumental students crossing safely at the pedestrian crossing.